The Next Chapter of BuildrMetrics is Metrix Finance

BuildrMetrics has been rebranded to Metrix Finance to create a focus around building the best concentrated liquidity tools for leading decentralized exchanges including Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Orca, and Raydium.

Recently we released Metrix Finance v2 which included many updates with the main focus being a brand new user interface and enhanced discovery & simulating through data optimizations.

Very quickly after releasing v2 we decided it was time to expand our collection of supported exchanges. We started with PancakeSwap & SushiSwap (Uniswap v3 forks), but quickly moved to supporting Orca (largest Solana CL DEX) for Pro users, along with Raydium for all users (after obtaining a grant). More exchanges will be added in the near future, one of them being QuickSwap (second largest Polygon CL DEX).

However, exchange implementations have not been the only thing we have been focused on. We launched our Pro plan which features the ability to select multiple networks & exchanges on the Discover page, the ability to view Top Positions from other liquidity providers on the Simulate page, and access to our brand new 'Compare' tool that enables you to compare multiple pools on one page.

We plan to keep our tool 85% free and bring the most value to our early supporters. The overall goal of our Pro plan is to make your life easier & provide convenience to you for a small cost. Revenue that is generated from our Pro plan goes right back into development costs along with grants that we are given from different exchanges. This revenue helps us build out new features (free & paid) so we can continue to be the best liquidity pool tool on the market.

Let's go back to the beginning!

BuildrMetrics launched in August 2023 as a fork of a Uniswap-supported tool, (the developer was no longer updating the tool). Our goal at this point in time was to update the tool to include the new networks Uniswap had been deployed on as well as add a few features that the Uniswap community had suggested. Considering BuildrMetrics was meant to be a side project, we had incorporated it under the BuildrWealth umbrella (our one-on-one coaching program for DeFi). Very quickly, we decided to put a large focus on BuildrMetrics and continue to release new features leading up to our v2 launch which transitioned us from being a fork to a custom-coded liquidity provision tool.

Breaking down the rebrand!

We decided to rebrand BuildrMetrics to Metrix Finance to clear up confusion, create more partnerships, and make our tool its own thing. It does not make sense anymore to have our tool under the BuildrWealth umbrella considering it has nothing to do with BuildrWealth as anyone can use it (BuildrWealth is application-only). Additionally many users were getting confused when it came to the difference between BuildrWealth & BuildrMetrics. Last but not least, the BuildrMetrics name does not make sense! The BuildrWealth name is meant to be perceived as 'Wealth Builder' or 'Build Wealth' whereas BuildrMetrics would be perceived as 'Metrics Builder' or 'Build Metrics'.

Metrix Finance was the first name that came to mind as it incorporates the original 'Metrics' term that was in our name, but with a twist. Adding on the term 'Finance' is a no brainer considering we offer 'Metrics for Decentralized Finance'.

So what do you need to do as a free user or a Pro user?

Absolutely nothing! You can continue to use the old URL but we recommend you use BuildrMetrics Pro has been renamed to Metrix Pro and will show on your card or bank statement as 'Metrix Finance' or 'MF'. The tool functions the same, the price of Metrix Pro is the same, everything is the same except the new name!

We hope you enjoy this rebrand as many good things will come from it. Overall this will open up the possibilities of things that we can do as a company & allow us to transition into a fully decentralized application. Remember, if you have any suggestions for our app, you can email

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