Introducing Metrix Finance v2 - The Best Liquidity Pool Software

Today marks a huge milestone for our company as we just released Metrix Finance v2. This update starts with a revamped UI, data optimizations, and a couple new features.

We're excited to announce that the latest version of Metrix Finance is now live for all users with many updates. Before we dive into the woods, let's go back to the beginning.

Metrix Finance was launched in August 2023 under the name 'BuildrMetrics' because it was part of the BuildrWealth umbrella. With the release of Metrix Finance v2 we have also decided to rebrand our company name to 'Metrix Finance'. More information on this rebrand can be found in this post.

BuildrWealth is a one-on-one coaching program that was launched in February 2023. The team has worked with 100+ clients since then & have accomplished amazing results. The team behind BuildrWealth is the same team behind Metrix FInance.

Revamped User Interface

Our first goal with this version 2 update was to make our interface sleeker & easier for users to use. Hence why our main focus was to have a completely new user interface. Below are a couple attachments of our v1 vs v2 user interface. Metrix Finance v2 is much easier on the eyes which can drastically help user experience.

Data-Fetching & Optimizations

While a better user interface does enhance our already existing product & user experience, it does not address some underlying issues with our previous app, the main one being reliability and speed. In v1 we relied on public subgraphs managed by the Uniswap team for data that was pulled into calculations. However over time these subgraphs proved to be unreliable with specific networks constantly being unavailable, having data issues, or just slow to load. To solve this issue, we switched to our own in-house data-fetching system, meaning that everything is in our control and in-house. Not only have be proven to be reliable since the launch of v2, we have also recorded faster loading speeds using this data-fetching system. Additionally we did make minor optimizations to enhance loading speed including data-caching. Every 3 hours each pair that is displayed on the 'Discover' is loaded and the data is saved for the next 3 hours (until the next cycle). This means it is much faster to load the pairs on the Discover and 'Simulate' page. The correlation chart of the assets, current price of the pool, and deposit amounts are still calculated in real time. The only data that is cached is volume/fee data, TVL history data, liquidity distribution data, and a couple other minor streams of data.

Exchange Implementations

Our next mission with v2 was to increase the utility that our product provides, we started by implementing PancakeSwap & SushiSwap and later implemented OrcaRaydium. This brings in a completely new user base to Metrix Finance, but also the mentioned exchanges. Certain features in our 'Metrix Pro' plan allow you to browse through multiple exchanges & multiple networks at once.

We would like to express our gratitude for Raydium for seeing the value in our liquidity pool software & providing us with funding to implement their exchange.

We also plan to implement more exchanges over the next few months, if there is a specific one you want to see, suggest it in our Discord server.

Metrix Pro

Last but certainly not least we have introduced a subscription plan that allows our users to take their analysis to the next level. Metrix Pro allows users access specific exchanges (Orca is Pro-only), discover pools across multiple networks, view top positions for specific liquidity pools, and much more! We are also always looking to add new features for our Pro users so if you have suggestions, please post them in our Discord.

Metrix Pro is relatively affordable and the best bang-for-your-buck is in the yearly plan. More information on what Metrix Pro includes & prices are available here.

We're excited for the future!

As always we will continue to build out new features, tools, calculators, and more! We really hope you enjoy this v2 update & the rebrand of Metrix Finance. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest in regards to our software, please follow our X page.

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